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Thiruverkadu Karumariamman Temple

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Ambigai who blessed the Sun:

One of the sportive arts of Devikarumari. One day Devikarumari took the image of old nomadic lady and went to Sun to forecast his future. Without realising her as Devikarumari, He simply neglected her. Devikarumari immediately vanished. Sun has lost it’s brightness and its glory started declining. Realising his mistake He begged Devikarumari to forgive and excuse him. Sun  also requested Devikarumari to celebrate Sunday as the day of Devikarumari. Devikarumari also accepted it. He also got permission from Her to pour on her sun rays twice in a year in the month of Panguni and Purattasi.

So Sunday is celebrated as the day of Karumari . We can happily witness the scene of sun rays falling on the head of Devikarumari twice in a year.

Devikarumari made Narayanan Seat there:

Once upon a time Lord Thirumal came to Thiruverkadu to witness the grace rule of Umadevi. When Thirumal personally met his sister Karumari,  she requested him “to seat there as Srinivasan of Thirumurai and assist Her and bless the devotees who worship Navagraham and stand towards southern direction”. He was happy and promised Her, that He would sit by her side and protect the position of Nine planets.

Veda Viyasar was extremely happy to see Annai Parasakthi and Lord Venkatesan together.




About the Temple

Temple ruled by Mother:

After taking the role of Kali, Neeli, Kortavai, Thusta Nikraha Sourbini Devi Karumari appears as a tranquil person – ocean of mercy and blesses evey one.

This is the temple where Devi Karumari rules and blesses us with what we pray. She appears as karpaga tharu (heaven tree) and Kamadhenu (celestial cow).

First Corridor:

After worshipping Gaumari, Maheswari, vinayagar and Ekambarar in the first corridor you can enter the sanctum – sanctorium.

Now you can see the head of Devi Karumari alone, Her body being submerged. Five headed Cobra and hot fire can be seen shining over the head. Her eyes are full of love and mercy. Here She is self begotten. Rays from her eyes hammers success and she sits with pride. We feel enthralled.

There is glowing fire in her crow with Five headed cobra ; golden flame in the eyes; nose rings and thali shine. Our Nayagi Eswari is seating with sathurpujam.

She holds tapper drum in the upper most right hand; snake wounded around it. trident in the left hand sword in the right lower hand; skull in the lower left hand; accepts white neem as divine sacred tree of the place. We feel enthralled on seeing her face. Our inner feeling gets aroused and we start praising her.

In the array of Kanchi Kamachi, Kasi Visalakshi and Madurai Meenakshi, Karumari of Thiruverkadu also finds a place by Her grace and by Her blessing to Her devotees.

Second Corridor:

The Raja Gopuram (temple tower) at east is looking beautifully and majestically. After crossing the east Raja Gopuram, you can see a grand corridor around sanctum – sanctorum. The flag staff and alter are the only items in this corridor. This is second corridor. Sanctum sanctorum of Devi Karumari is inside the first corridor.

Let us first worship Devi Karumari to remove all the evils that are with us right from the day of fetus in our mothers’ womb. In the Second corridor to the left side of Raja Gopuram,  Navagraham (Nine Planets)  are installed . These planets will protect the devotees from the evils. The festival idol (utchavar) of Devi Karumari with great love and mercy is installed there.

Third Corridor:

If you move from this second corridor to the third corridor you eyes will enlarge in wonder. Like the mercy of mother the third corridor is also broad and big. There are 13 sannidhis in this corridor.  Valampuri vinayagar, Nagar, Angala Parameswari, Uchista Ganapathy, Prethyengara Devi, Gayathri, Maha Lakshmi,Meenakshi, Kamachi, Visalakshi, Raja Rajeswari, Savithri, Valli – Deivayani – Subramanyar, Byravar and Thurgai idols are installed there.Let us see the vasantha mandam(spring hall) in the third corridor. In that hall only Devi Karumari is being decorated and installed during Navarathri festival. To remove oscillations in our life she is placed in a swing.

Temple Tank(Thiruchambar Poigai):

There is a big tank in front of the temple. You can see flocks of fishes wade through water. The float  festival of Devi Karumari is usually conducted here .

This tank has neat and perfect steps. This is the tank formed by Lord Muruga as per wishes of Devi Karumari and is called Thiruchamber Poigai.

Those who take bath in the tank by early morning on sundays, drink cold water along with sacred ash and wear the ash on the body will have wealth and education. Other auspicious days for bathing and the respective benefits are as follows.

Sundays in the month of Adi  – Can live long years

Full Moon day in the month of Masi  – Will have Child

New Moon day in the month of Masi  – can win the enemies.

Sundays in the month of Thai – Perennial evils will go.

New Moon day in the month of Thai – Diseases will go; witch craft setting of evil sprit will ran away.

Full Moon Day in the month of Thai – The benefit of taking bath in many holy rivers; sin will go away.

Poosa Natchatriram, Arivaram in the month of Thai – can have rare wealth.

Poora Natchatram in the month of Adi – Expertise in speech & fine arts will come to you.

Full Moon in the month of Chittirai – Full wisdom will come to you.

Full Moon in the months of Purattasi and Iyypasi – To become saint.

Navarathiri days – Expertise in art equals to Adi seshan. Can attain rare wisdom .





New year celebration :

The temple will be opened till the mid night on 31st December to welcome the New year where ceremonial & ritual poojas will be performed. Special and Free darshans are available for the convenience of the devotees. Bus facilities and distribution of prasathams are also arranged.

Brahmmotchavam :

Since 1995 this ceremonial festival is performed for 19 days during the month of Thai(Tamil month). Beautifully decorated Goddess Devi Karumariammn is taken on different mounts for procession through streets. Last 3 days are the very auspicious days in which Theppa Utchavam (Tank Festival) is held. The ardent devotees of Devi Karumariamman participate in these festivals and offer their donations.

Thaipoosa Latcharchana and Poornima Latcharchana :

Yega Thina Latcharchana is performed on the day of Thaipoosam every year. Latcharchana is performed for three days during Chitra Poornima (Full Moon Day in the month of Chitrai) in which the devotees take part very actively and get the blessings of Goddess Devi Karumariamman.

Masi Magam :

Beautifully decorated Devi Karumariamman is taken with rituals to Chennai beach where she takes sea bath. From there she will offer blessings to her devotees. The scene of darshan is simply marvelous to look at. The Goddess will be taken back to temple in the evening.

Tamil New Year Eve :

Devi Karumariamman will Bless her devotees on the eve of Tamil New Year . The Goddess will be decorated with flowers and golden ornaments.

Garuda Seva :

On the eve of Vaigasi Visagam at the sannidhi of Lord Srinivasa Perumal, Garuda Seva will be performed in a beautiful manner. Lord Perumal will be taken for procession through streets.

Aadi Festival :

Aadi Festival (Aadi Peruvizha) will be celebrated continuously for 12 weeks from last Sunday of Aani month(Tamil Month) in a grand manner in which Classical Music, Bharathnatyam, Devotional speeches are organized. On the 9th Sunday Devi Karumariamman will be taken out by way of Car festival.





Navarathiri Festival :

On the day of each Poornima and during the Navarathiri days Kuthuvizhakku Pooja will be performed by 108 sumangalies (married women). In all the nine days the Goddess will be giving Dharshan to her devotees with different costumes.

Kanda Sashti Festival :

During the month of Karthigai (Tamil Month) the Kanda Sashti festival will be celebrated in a grand manner for six days, wherein special poojas and bajans will be taking place. On the seventh day Soorasamharam (destruction of Soora, a historic event) will be performed. On the Eighth day of the Kanda Sashti festival Thirukalyana Utsavam (ceremonial wedding function of Lord Muruga) will be performed.

Dhanur Month Pooja :

As poojas are performed in other temples during the month of Margazhi (Tamil Month) even in this temple special poojas are being done in the early mornings of Margazhi.




Temple Timings :

Darshan Timing : 6.30am to 12.00pm & 4.00pm to 8.00pm

Bus Routes :

From Egmore : M127B, M50, M50EX

From Central : M50, M50EX, M150

From Koyambedu : 27C, S27C, S170, X27C


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